For Link ShopFitting, Responsibility is an intrinsic way of working that goes beyond the question of economic results. The company’s objectives are underpinned by ethical principles and by respect for people and the environment.

Besides implementing actions to conserve the environment, we work to improve the dialogue between all the professional team, clients, suppliers, outsourced companies and the community.

Regarding environmental aspects, special mention should be made of the environmental management system implemented by Link shopfitting.
For us at Link Shopfitting, being “green” is the responsible behavior of the company and its employees toward the environment. Through our long-term strategy for environmental sustainability we strive to continuously minimize the environmental footprint of the company and are persistent in our efforts to preserve nature.
We believe that the successful social strategy of each company begins with responsibility for the people, who build its success and its good name. Care and recognition for the employees are the main factors for the growth of our company. For this reason, we provide our staff with the best working conditions to enable them to develop their professional and personal skills.