The most common type of shopfront used in commercial applications, these are manufactured from aluminium sections which are lightweight,durable and corrosion resistant. Aluminium shopfronts can be designed and made in various configurations with single or double doors which can be positioned where required and with glass panes of different sizes which can be glazed with a variety of glass types. They also offer a degree of personalisation with the customer able to choose a RAL or BS colour of their preference.
A shutter is a movable covering for a window, door or shopfront. The primary purpose of shutters is to provide security and privacy as well as protection from. We offer aluminium shutters with a choice of solid, perforated or insulated laths, or grille-type shutters which allow a higher degree of visibility into shop windows whilst the shutter is down.
All types of shutter can be operated manually or automatically, by making use of an electric motor. Automatic shutters can be operated by a choice of push button, key-switch, key-fob or combination of any or all 3. We offer our shutters painted, powder-coated, with a choice of RAL colour and satin/matt or gloss finish.