Site Survey

Topographic surveys of pre-construction conditions data pickup of elevations, above ground and underground utilities, above ground improvements, legal boundaries and survey bars

Interior design

Providing high quality drawing plans: 2D and 3D. Our professional team will find the best design solution suitable for the Shop in terms of: Creativity, Space and Design.

Waste management

Construction waste generation has been identified as one of the major issues in the construction industry due to its direct impacts on the environment as well as the efficiency of the construction industry

Building works

Our professional team can provide a wide range of Building Works: from Partition Walls to full Extension including Planning


Flooring is an important factor within any commercial interior. When choosing the floor there are some important aspects that need to be considered: the durability, easy maintenance and appearance


Our suspended ceilings have an insulated lay-in grid system which makes maintenance as simple as possible, and we give you complete choice when it comes to designs, colours and even additional features.


Effective lighting is essential within any design. Lighting can be used to enhance product displays making them more appealable to customers.

Electrical Works

We supply and install electrics for all the all the necessary equipment and we provide Electric Certificate at the Completion of the Electrical Works.


Here at Link Shopfitting we use two types of shelving systems:
Arneg AMX-35 and Eden Shelving System. Both Shelving Systems are elegant, strong and durable


We provide a wide range counters - our company is capable of manufacturing bespoke Counters into our warehouse to suit any requirements.

Shopfronts and Signage

The first impression to any establishment is the external façade. Dependant on your brief, we can creat an appealing Shopfront to suit your needs.


Link Shopfitting supplies, installs and maintains Refrigeration for both retail and hospitality. e are are able to provide a wide range of products for all your refrigeration requirements offering competitive prices.

Alarm and CCTV

Linkshopfitting make sure that your business is protected with the latest Alarm and CCTV systems, available in full HD quality. Our team can design a solution to fit your needs and budgets and reduce the risk of suffering financial damage caused by burglary.

Air Conditioning

We provide a full range of commercial Air Conditioning Systems that would keep your premises cool in the summer and hot in the winter.