Flooring is an important factor within any commercial interior. When choosing the floor there are some important aspects that need to be considered: the durability, easy maintenance and appearance. We develop specific flooring design and wall solutions to meet every indoor market application. Through our experience we highly recommend the finish to be in Vinyl or Porcelain.

We provide all processes, from removing and disposing the existing floor to floor preparation, supply and lay.

Porcelain flooring

Different sizes, colors, shape(the most common shapes are 300x300mm, 450x450mm, 600x600mm but we can provide custom shape, colors, texture.

Vinyl flooring

Interconnecting Vinyl Flooring Tiles – Heavy Duty commercial use. Easy to install, easy maintenance, large colour palette to create zoning

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Our flexible and adaptable approach provides a total project management service, including consultation, design and planning, manufacture and installation, assuring the best possible results.

Our one-stop facilities provide clients with comprehensive solutions to their interior project needs. Our services can also be structured to work in cooperation with other builders, designers and contractors to achieve the desired result for the client.